So  spring is here, and the time of year has come when we give temporary accommodation in our big barn, to the sheep of the local farmer.  They spend about 6 weeks with us, every year, when they give birth to all their wonderful little lambs!  We adore this time.. Yes, it can be extremely busy, but it is so rewarding to help bring those precious little lives in to this world. Here are just some of the new little bundles of fun that we have in our lives this year!

I must admit, that we find it very hard when they go, and inevitably, we end up forming very close bonds with some of them. As such, now and then, there are a few little ones that never make it back to the farmer, and get adopted by us instead, as pets. So, we will have to wait and see which, if any, stay this year!  Here are little Monty and Betty,  twin lambs which we kept last year!

Burrow (30)