Our Farm

Burrow (31)

We are not actually a working farm. We are a smallholding, and all the animals we keep here are pets only. None are raised for meat, and all are part of the family, and have their own individual characters.

Burrow Wood Farm has 10 acres, most of which is occupied by the wondrous array of animals we have been lucky enough to have live with us. Most we have re-homed from various animal charities – and yes, that includes the farm animals! In fact, they have their own Facebook page, which can be found at Mini the Sheep and Friends where you can keep up with their current and past antics!


We have three male llamas – Yoda, Freddie and K9. They will eat from your hands, of you are very still and quiet, but they are quite shy.

Llamas at Burrow Wood Farm

Llamas at Burrow Wood Farm


Sadly we now only have one remaining Piggie, a little girl called Princess. She is a so called “micro pig”, and was rescued from a nearby farm, where she had been abandoned by previous owners.  As you will see when you meet her, there is not much about her that is micro! There really is no such breed as a micro pig, which is why so many end up needing new home – they are bought by people as sweet little piglets, on the understanding they will stay little, and, as they grow up, suddenly people have a 15 stone pig waddling around their house! She will come if you call to her, although she spends a lot of time sleeping!! She is now 8 years old, we think!



We have 7 pet sheep, who are generally mixed breed, with one rare breed North Ronaldsay called Wally (he has little horns and looks slightly different to the other sheep), and one Black Mountain Ewe called Mollie. They are all exceptionally friendly, and will come to you if you call “sheep” to them.





We have 3 ponies here – all rescues: Pasco, Diggory and Chewy. All have had a sad start to their life, but are super little ponies, despite that!

Dogs and Cats

We have 5 cats and dogs whom belong to us. Also we, temporarily foster dogs from time to time.