Frequently Asked Questions


Q.      How many can The Burrow sleep?

A.         The Burrow sleeps a maximum of 6 people – this includes any infants in cots, and any children. This cannot be exceeded for insurance reasons.

Q.      Are you a working farm?

A.         No, we are not. We are a 10 acre smallholding, which operates a small scale animal sanctuary and wildlife release site for the RSPCA. Our small number of farm animals stay with us forever, and are only used as pets. We don’t have heavy farm machinery here, so you won’t be woken by big tractors going out at 5am every morning, or large machinery noises. You may however hear the animals occasionally.

Q.      Is The Burrow suitable for people with disabilities?

A.         Unfortunately not.  There are quite a few steps from the parking area to the front door, and although the accommodation is effectively all at ground level, it is split level inside (there are 3 inside steps), and not enough room around the furniture to navigate a wheelchair.  It would possibly accommodate someone with milder disabilities. Please feel free to ask us. We also have an Access Statement available, so that you can make a decision on whether it is accessible enough for any guests within your party who have disabilities.

Q.      Do you allow smoking?

A.         No, The Burrow, and all buildings at Burrow Wood Farm are strictly non-smoking.  If you wish to smoke, please do so outside the front gates and dispose of all remnants. 

Q.      What is your changeover day?

A.         Changeover day is generally Friday, although we do offer flexibility in this at the moment. Guests checking out must leave the property before 10am in order for us to clean for following guest’s arrival. Arriving guests may check in strictly after 4pm.

Q.      What are the arrival/departure times?

A.         At the start of your holiday, arrival is strictly after 4pm on the day of your arrival – I am afraid we cannot accept arrival any earlier, due to the time it takes to turn around The Burrow after previous guests leave. At the end of your holiday, departure is strictly by 10am.

Q.      Can we arrive late at night on our day of arrival?

A.         Yes, we will leave your keys in a key safe, you just need to tell us as soon as you know you are likely to be arriving much later.

Q.      Can it be arranged for us to leave on the day of departure after 10am?

A.         Usually not, due to incoming guests, and the time it takes to do the extensive clean. However, if we have no other guests arriving on that day, we can possibly extend your leaving time, if it is agreed prior to departure. Please note, that this is usually not the case though.

Q.      Can we have day guests during our stay?

A.         Yes, day guests are welcome, but they remain your responsibility during their visit.  You may not have any overnight guests other than those named on your booking form.  Please do not have any more than 4 day guests over at a time. If this is a problem, please be courteous and just ask if it is ok.  It is to just stop any out-of-hand behaviour from large groups.

Q.      What if we have to cancel our stay?

A.      When you book with us, you pay a 30% deposit of your holiday total, at the time of booking. This confirms your booking, and is non refundable.  Before 6 weeks of your holiday commencing, we will expect the balance to be paid (or you will be asked to pay the whole amount of your holiday, if the start date is within 6 weeks of booking).  We highly recommend that you take out holiday insurance with an appropriate provider, which will cover you in the event of you having to cancel your holiday, due to personal circumstances, extreme weather, lockdowns or illness etc. If you request to cancel your holiday with us, and have paid the total amount, we will attempt to re-let the week/s that you have booked. If we are successful at re-letting your week/s, we will be able to offer you some refund. Firstly, you will not get your 30% deposit returned. Secondly, an administration fee of £50 will be deducted.  Thirdly, we may have to offer your stay at a reduced rate in order to re-let it at short notice. If we therefore do manage to re-let your week/s, these amounts will be deducted from whatever price we manage to charge new guests for your stay (it may also be so that we are only able to re-let part of the time you have booked with us e.g if you booked 2 weeks, and we can only re-let one of those weeks).

Cancellation due to Covid-19:
If you have to cancel your stay as a result of official covid restrictions (i.e. a Lockdown), we offer you the chance to rebook your holiday, at a different date, with no extra administration fees (if there is a higher tariff for the period you choose, the extra would be payable). If rebooking proves to be not possible for you, then we will refund you any monies paid. Cancellations must be immediately notified to us by phone and confirmed in writing by e-mail or registered post.

Cancellation, non-Covid-19 related:
Cancellations must be immediately notified to us by phone and confirmed in writing by e-mail or registered post. If you cancel your booking we will make every reasonable effort to re-let the week/s you have booked. If we are able to re-let for the whole of the period of your booking, we will refund you the final letting fee (which may be less than you paid, depending on the amount we were able to charge for the re-let), after deducting an administration fee of £50. If it is not possible to re-let the period booked, we regret that we will not be able to refund any monies you have paid. If only part of the period is re-let then a refund will be in the proportion that the part re-let bears to the total period of your booking. The administration fee will be deducted from your proportionate refund. To ensure that you are covered for instances such as these, we highly recommend that you take out travel insurance, and ensure the policy covers cancellations that are beyond your control.

Q.      Is there Wi-Fi?

A.         Yes, there is unlimited free Wi-fi.



Q.      Is there a garden at The Burrow?

A.         Yes, there is a large, partially enclosed, private garden, for guests use only.   Please note it is enclosed by a mixture of fencing, ancient Devon banks and hedgerows. It is still your responsibility to oversee any young children playing there, as it is not a securely fenced child proof garden. The garden has a mixture of sunny and shady parts, so children can play outside in summer, under the shade of trees. It is not secure enough to contain dogs left to roam, as they do not find the banks much of a challenge!

Q.      Is The Burrow detached?

A.         Yes, it is detached.

Q.      Are there any near neighbours?

A.         Not really. We are the only near neighbours, in the main farmhouse, just across the driveway. The next neighbouring house is about 500 metres away.

Q.      Can we bring our dog / pet?

A.         Yes! Great news, we now accept dogs (2 maximum, and 1 if it a giant breed). All doggie guests have to be mentioned at the time of booking, and we have a £30 fee per dog also.  Please look at our “With dogs” page. Please note that we do not allow dogs on the beds, or in the bedrooms.